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Summary of Products

Xiarui Sand Industry Company’s 19 Products


1)甘草黄酮-Licorice flavonoids;

2)甘草酸-Glycyrrhizic acid;

3)甘草单糖-Licorice monosaccharide;

4)甘草酸单铵盐-Glycyrrhetate salt;

5)甘草酸二铵盐-Glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt;

6)甘草酸单钾盐-Glycyrrhetate potassium;

7)甘草次酸-Glycyrrhetinic acid;

8)乙酰甘草次酸-Acetyl Glycyrrhetinic acid;

9)光甘草定 -Glabridin;

10)祁连甘露- Qilian Mannan(Drinks);

11)甘草胶囊 - Licorice Capsules;

12)防霉变性剂 1号-Mildew denaturant I;

13)防霉变性剂 2号-Mildew denaturant Ⅱ;

14)艾思克 -Ai Sike;

15)乙肝欣-Hepatitis B Hin;

16)丙肝欣-Hepatitis C;

17)酒精-Alcoholic s

18)饮片 -甘草切片-Licorice chops,

19)甘草茶叶Licorice Leaf Tea

Xiarui Sand Industry Company’s 11 Leading Innovations

Amid all the burgeoning enterprises in the sand industry, Xiarui is unique in creating eleven “#1” positions in the world:

  1. Cultivation of licorice in fifty thousand mu without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or heavy metals.
  2. Construction of three natural flood water reservoirs on the fifty thousand-mu cultivation base.
  3. Production of Qilian Nectar as the world’s leading plant-based beverage.
  4. Integration of intensive licorice cultivation, industrial extraction, and trade sales.
  5. Implementation of agricultural technology for planting the licorice, distributing special fertilizer, tracking the complementary crude Genbao acid, and using amino acid foliar fertilizer to remove residue from pesticides, fertilizers, and heavy metals.
  6. Industrialized extraction of 10,000 tons of licorice via ultrasonic technology.
  7. Extraction of licorice flavonoids to assist in prevention and treatment of AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.
  8. Extraction of Glabridin to combat the global issues of malt worms and Botrytis.
  9. Extraction of Mainz Acid (whitening agent) for enhanced cosmetic products.
  10. Usage of licorice residue as unique humic fertilizer for biotechnology.
  11. Usage of licorice residue for production of polymer MDF technology.
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