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丝路开发中国梦, 蓝天绿洲争朝夕

Published in 领导讲话 Written by  闵玉祥 Monday, 18 August 2014 02:08

Additional Info

As a representative of US Blue Sky Capital llc and Gansu Xiarui Sand Industry Co.Ltd. Welcome to join our investment conference today! I appreciate our new friends and olds friends keep for supporting us all the time!

On July 16th 2014, in Jump Queen 2nd floor Peony room, US Blue sky Capital LLC held the first press release about the investment conference. Under the help of 20 Medias, the investment project about sand industry is well known so far.

Therefore, the purpose of this investment conference is to introduce more about sand industry, so we can seek more investors who are interested in our projects.

Next, I will introduce more about Gansu Xiarui sand industry:

$11.         Gansu Xiarui Sand Industry Co., Ltd., has already successfully updated from Gaotai county Xiarui Sand industry limited liability Company to the Sino-US joint venture on September 3, 2014. Gansu Xiarui Sand Industry Co Ltd, at Gaotai County, Gansu Province was co-founded on 10/25/2013 by Blue Sky Capital in U.S. and Xiarui Bio tech Co. Ltd in Wuzhong City, Ningxia Province. The company aims at sand industry development by licorice plantation. Yuxiang, Min and Xuezhi, An, who investments and holdings are: 51% and 49%.

$12.         Our Mission: To control desertification of China, US as well as the whole world by planting rare herbal medicine resources such as licorice and stellera chamaejasme, etc.

            Social Benefit: Water and soil protection, sand prevention and control.

      Economic Effects: Turn sand into gold; discover resources and make fortune out of the desert.

    Value Proposition: Xiarui Licorice Expert -- the one-and-only Chinese biotech enterprise that

Specializes on the integrated business of high tech licorice plantation, processing and marketing.

$13.         Phase I (2013 - ) Licorice Agriculture Scaling

Developing the Licorice Plantation Base (area 50,000 Mu/8,237.23 Acre) in Xusanwan

Village, Xinba Town, Gaotai County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province in three steps.

Meanwhile, develop licorice primary processing & trading business:

Step 1: 30,000 Mu Licorice Plantation, 3,000 Tons Licorice Primary Processing

(Using purchased raw licorice)

Step 2: 20,000 Mu Licorice Plantation, 3,000 Tons Licorice Primary Processing

(Using purchased raw licorice)

Step 3: 10,000 Mu Licorice Plantation; Licorice Primary Processing using

self-supplied licorice: first step 6,000 Tons, second step 15,000 Tons.

Phase II (2015 - ) Licorice Industry Vertical Integration

After the 2-year growth period of licorice, purchasing advanced equipment, promoting

R&D, developing licorice intensive processing, encapsulate production, drinks production

And other related business:

Licorice Intensive Processing: processing 2,500 Tons raw licorice in the first step,

5,000 Tons the second step, and 10,000 Tons the third step

Encapsulate Production: producing 500 Million encapsulates in the first step, 600Million in the second step

Drink Production: producing 50 Million cans of Licorice Drink in the first step, 600Million cans the second step

Phase III (2017 - ) Sand Industry Integration

Developing the integrated sand industry vertically and horizontally based on the licorice business, expanding the green agriculture, manufacturing and the tertiary industry, and realizing the achievements of both Ecology and Economy:

Agriculture: Plantation & processing of Stellera Chamaejasme, Cistanche, etc.

Manufacturing: New energy, such as Solar energy and wind energy; desertification prevention & control

Tertiary Industry: City planning, Eco-tourism, etc.

The Phase III of Xiarui’s licorice and sand industry project is to develop the “Sand Industry”.

Sand industry refers to the economic activities to utilize the unique advantage of sand land and the arid-semi-arid area to develop business, attract social investments and realize self-sustenance.

Developing the new sand industry in the barren land of western China requires applying achievements of modern technology in all areas -- physics, chemistry, biology photosynthesis of the plant, solar energy transformation, and water saving and so on, in order to develop the knowledge-intensive agriculture. This new concept of sand industry was first raised by the famous scientist Mr. Qian, Xuesen in 1984. It has an extremely promising future.

4.  It has been 9 months since October 6th 2013. I would like to make a presentation of what we have achieved in industrial development and agricultural development.

     The establishment of the company. On Oct. 6th, 2013, we signed shareholders' agreement of Xiarui Sand Industry in Beijing. Supplementary Agreement to shareholders was signed in Gaotai on Nov. 11th, 2013. We completed the registration procedures at the Trade and Industry Bureau of Gaotai on Oct. 25th, 2013. From then on, board of directors and board of shareholders of Xiarui Sand Industry Co. Ltd were founded. Our cause has now started.

The acquisition of 100,000 square meters of land. The construction of the industrial base started on Oct. 12, 2013. From breaking the ground to Mar. 31st, 2014, Xiarui Sand Industry has completed the formalities of acquiring the 100,000 square meters of land in Gaotai and got the use permit of the land.

We rented 33,333,333.3 square meters of land as licorice planting base. On July 11, 2013, we signed the lease of the land with the local government to use the land for 50 years. We named it “Xiarui Sand Industry Licorice Planting Base” at Xusanwan and began farming. The work started on June 15th, 2014. We hired four construction teams to work on the land and the roads, dig wells to get water and set up electricity, etc. We plan to plant 6,666,666.66 square meters of high-quality licorice before July 25th, 2014.

We completed the licorice beverage factory of “Qilian Nectar”. As of Mar. 31, 2014, we have completed the beverage factory of 3200 square meters. (80 meters long, 40 meters wide), waiting for the equipment to get in. We have built and tested two automatic production lines. Each line can produce 450 cans of drink per minute. The name is “Qilian Nectar” and the estimated production date is Oct. 1st, 2014.

$15.         On July 2nd, 2014, Enesoon sent out a group of experts and engineers led by President Ke Li to our company to conduct planning. Enesoon will provide us a new source of energy – solar energy, to cater our needs of clean energy and improve our systems that provide electricity, heat and cooling air. The chief expert of Enesoon, Mr. Zhiyong Zeng, who gets allowance from the State Council, will be in charge of the design, construction and production. The products developed by Zeng’s group has got “Blue Sky” award presented by the United Nations – 10 leading technologies that are valuable to invest in reusable energy field. On July 5th, 2014, both sides signed the strategic cooperation agreements on the uniting of Gansu Xiarui Sand Industry and Shenzhen Enesoon New Energy Industry. We will build a 120-meter-high 20-megawatt power tower on our 33,333,333.3 square meters of land.

The 20 products of Gansu Xiarui Sand Industry and 11 No.1s in the world!

1. Licorice flavonoids;                               11. Licorice Capsules;

2. Glycyrrhizic acid;                                   12. Mildew denaturant I;

3. Licorice monosaccharide;                    13. Mildew denaturant II;

4. Glycyrrhetate salt;                                14. Ai Sike;

5. Glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt;      15. Hepatitis B Hin;

6. Glycyrrhetate potassium;                    16. Hepatitis C;

7. Glycyrrhetinic acid;                               17. Decoction pieces;

8. Acetyl Glycyrrhetinic acid;                  18. Alcoholics;

9. Glabridin;                                               19. Licorice chops;

10. Qilian Mannan (Drinks);                    20. Herbal Tea.

The characters of our companyIn the terms of the agriculture and Industrial production, creating eleven No.1s in the world!

1) Regulate cultivated licorice in fifty thousand mu without pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals. So it's No.1 in the world;

2) Establish three natural flood storage water reservoirs on fifty thousand mu licorice cultivation base. It's No.1 in the world;

3) Qilian nectar, which is the single plant beverage. It's No.1 in the world;

4) Integrate licorice cultivation of raw materials, industrial extraction and trade sales of industrial integration. It's No.1 in the world;

5) Perform the technology of planting licorice humid special fertilizer, tracing elements "Cugenbaobusuan", and the amino acid foliar fertilizer to solve the pesticide residues, fertilizer residue and heavy metal residues. It's No.1 in the world;

6) Being industrialized in order to reach tons of raw materials extracted ultrasonic technology. It's No.1 in the world;

7) Extract licorice flavonoids to solve the problem of AIDS prevention and treatment, hepatitis B and C. It's No.1 in the world;

8) Extract Glabridin to solve global malt worms and green mold Botrytis denaturant. It's No.1 in the world;

9) Extract from licorice to get Mainz acid whitening solution, enhanced cosmetic effect. It's

No.1 in the world;

10) Extract licorice residue then reuse humid special fertilizer for plant technology. It's No.1 in the world;

11) Extract licorice residue for production of polymer MDF technology. It's No.1 in the world.

8. The current round of $ 20 million targeted orientation (or 120 million yuan) of the capital raising, this company will complete the workshop equipment ordered, and begin production, and will further complete 50,000 acres of land for agricultural water conservancy construction and licorice plant construction and power bases. At the same time, this company will start a new energy to meet the electricity needs of its power supply, while selling its excess power supply to neighboring units who are in demands of electricity, which allows the company to reach nearly 10 billion market value. This company expects to be public listed at NASDAQ or NYSE or AMEX in about two years. We take China Travel Co. Ltd as an example for opening price at $28 for the first day, when it was public listed in US Stock Exchange. Referring to Alibaba on Sep 19th, 2014 the first day of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange closing price of 68 yuan and 93.89 yuan US dollars in the future, Gansu Xiarui sand Industry Co. Ltd in New York Stock Exchange listing, you can keep up with Alibaba listed on the first day of the performance. So, buy now and hold an original stock of the Company at the price of $1 or 6 yuan RMB, will be rewarded.

 All in all, Xiarui Sand industry has been very vibrant and thriving since the launch thanks to the strong support by the local government and pursuit by the investors. Xiarui brand licorice products will be renowned all over the world and the company is moving to the next step of billion-dollar value business.

We will become the leading enterprise of sand industry and the star enterprise in western China. We will become the model enterprise along the Silk Route. We have already made large impact at home and abroad and our intangible assets are more priceless and immeasurable.

Thank you! Thank you, everyone!

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